Inner shutter for insulated glass

Systems of technical shutters in the insulated glass and advanced solutions for the regulation of the light in domestic and non domestic spaces, are the result of over 30 years experience and research.
The latest technological expedients, patented at a European level, take shape in a linear and pleasant design, resulting from a business that has developed efficient systems to enjoy the highest aesthetic and technological comfort of the shutter inside the insulated glass, taking into account the latest trends.
The insulated glass shutters decorate houses and flats, offices and commercial areas, holiday houses and hotels, or public areas such as hospitals and health centres, schools and public buildings. Venetian blinds, fabrics to filter or dim the light, control units or remote controls: every setting requires different characteristics that are met in our different models and guaranteed by the high quality that only the Made in Italy supplies and the absolute workmanship of the product ensure every customer.

First patented system of a Venetian blind in an insulated glass, mechanized through a rechargeable battery unit or through a wireless magnetic-drive one. This extremely innovative system works through a rechargeable battery unit equipped with its own charger. No wiring is required.

The patented system with the wireless magnetic-drive unit Up and Down can be considered as a combination of comfort and aesthetic beauty since it does not need any wiring and it can be applied to any glass thickness. Up and Down can be realized in the different shutter types such as: Venetian, Sunlight, Sunveil e Sunblock.

Technology applied to solar protection. has been the slogan representing the SUNBELL Srl in their search for the innovation of the  products inside the glass for years.
Love for the comfort and the beauty of our artifacts has contributed to the realization of more and more innovative shutters for the insulated glass, with characteristics unmatched by the common systems of solar protection .
Sunblock e Sunveil, two late types of fabric inside the glass, complete the series of already established products in the different application systems.
Choosing SUNBELL is choosing quality and beauty to improve the space we live in they represent the best alternative to bulky outside curtains