Our artifacts

The Cuccu laboratories have designed and planned a series of highly innovative sections for high quality PVC framing production applying the latest technologies and offering the market a new and creative solution in the frames production systems.

The Cuccu frames have been planned and made so as to answer for the best result and the maximum comfort at home, personalized as for sizes and types in agreement with the customers demand, ensuring a high level of sound and heat insulation, optimal locking with wind pressure up to 150km/hour, with absolutely no air draughts or dust inside the house, allowing thus a remarkable saving in heating expenses.

Our frames meet the strictest international regulations, they are checked in our own laboratories, and undergo several functionality tests at the renowned Giordano Institute for Certifications, as for the following assessments :

  • the air permeability, according to the UNI EN 11026:2001 rule
  • the water tightness under static pressure, according to the UNI EN 11027:2 the wind resistance, according to the UNI EN 12211:2001 rule
  • the static torsion resistance, according to the UNI EN 948:2000 rule

meeting thus the strictest controls required by the current regulations, as documented by the the test report nr.264168/4834/CPD issued by the Giordano Institute Spa.

The glasses

80% of the frame surface are made up of glass, that is why the window performance greatly depends on it. Cuccu's frames have standard insulated glasses installed, with a magnetronic Low-E treatment at W/m2k = 1.0 value
What is a magnetronic Low-E glass?

It's a special glass on which, through specific processes, particular metallic coatings are laid, in order to reduce thermal exchanges and thus improve its heat insulation and sun control performances.

Thanks to these glasses, frames do not waste energy, they save fuel instead, since the plate self heating by reflection reduces the cold wall effect near the glass, thus guaranteeing the abidance to regulations with values for the frame global thermal transmittance not higher than 1.6 W/m2k, which means that the limits prescribed by the decree 311/06 for the 55% tax credit, extended for the whole 2013 and raised to 65%, are respected.

The glasses meet the provisions required by the UNI regulation EN 1279-2:2004 as for ageing and water vapour measuring on the insulated glass walls, as certified by the test report Nr 230072/1930/CPD issued by the Giordano Institute Spa.