The Leonardo frame

The "CUCCU business" always committed to the respect of the environment in every step of its production, and in particular considerate to the market demands, has designed and planned a set of PVC and wood sections called LEONARDO which in the name remind Leonardo Da Vinci's genius, and, at the same time, the naturalness of wood. Actually, the new LEONARDO frame realised with an outer part in PVC, with its characteristics of resistance to atmospheric agents, chemical agents, bad weather conditions, thermal insulation and no need for maintenance, combined to the elegance of wood that gives the whole environment a natural and conforting atmosphere, allows the full enjoyment of the warmth and the privacy of your house. Characterised by natural colours in six different shades ( Wallnut, Cherry-wood, White oak, Tobacco,Wengh and White) and by simple lines, and, at the same time, by their being peculiar solid and functional, the LEONARDO shutters are the best ones if you feel in harmony with nature and love solutions reminding granny's times for the aesthetic quality of the Italian classical style, and more than this.In the White oak, Wengh and Tobacco shade frames can be realized in a more modern style matching also the other elements of the house, inner doors or furniture, what our younger and dynamic customers prefer.
The LEONARDO frames ensure similar or even better performances compared to the traditional PVC system as for energy control, as they allow the inclusion of insulated glasses with thermal glass, with UW values of Thermal transmittance = 1,0.