CE Certification

Since 1st February 2010 the CE Marking for windows and crossing doors has become mandatory, as it already was for several artifacts surrounding us in everyday life.

The CE Marking approves a casing as suitable for its use and, as such it can be launched in the market. But when a window suitable for its use?

When it meets some basic safety requirements, that is:

  • it offers mechanical resistance and proper stability
  • it has been planned and realized so as not to involve the hygiene and the health of either the dwellers of the house the window has been placed in, and of their neighbours. In particular it is mandatory it does not favour damp formation on parts or walls of the building. It is thus necessary to assess its water tightness
  • its use must prevent any risk of accidents caused by shutters and glasses detachment, or by a wrong operation of the lock devices: in particular the window must safeguard people's safety even in case of considerable buckling caused by the wind
  • it must offer the standard sleeping, relaxing and working conditions for the people living in the building, protecting them from the noise outside,ensuring a suitable acoustic RW abatement according to the area of installation of the frame and to the supposed noise level due to heavy traffic (cars, trains, planes, etc.)
  • it must offer a coefficient of Uw thermic transmittance, a class of air permeability and a luminous transmittance that does not spoil the thermal comfort of the users

The Cuccu frames are compliant with the CE regulations, since 1st February 2010 all the frames produced bu the Cuccu company are supported by the declaration of conformity to the CE marking issued by the renowned Giordano Institute.
The outside shutters have already been tested and certified, according to the UNI EN 13659 regulations.

Open the declaration of conformity to the CE marking issued by the Giordano Institute.