Latest trends: PRESTIGE boxes

The Prestige box represents the latest trendà of boxes for roll-up shutters: it is in fact a new generation artifact fully conforming the regulations in terms of thermal insulation D.L. 29-12-2006 and following supplements.
It can be arranged  thanks to an additional section   in order to modify either the depth and the height, for a better fitting with the building needs imposed by the regulations on energy saving and on acoustic insulation, and enables the insertion of thermal and acoustic insulating  panels .

  • The PRESTIGE box has undergone the tests for the normalized level difference according to the  UNI EN 20140-10:1993  and  UNI EN ISO 717-1:2007 regulations   at the Giordano Institute

These tests  have  assessed a  Dnew  = 47 dB value

  • The PRESTIGE box has been put to the tests of Thermal Transmittance of the shutter box according to the UNI EN ISO 10077-2 regulations, which  have assessed a U = 1,3W / (m2 K) value of energy 

Besides the technological and versatile look, the PRESTIGE box is aesthetically very elegant, with rounded shapes for better proportioned lines .
The system is absolutely an innovative one and is different from any other artifact currently on the market as it offers two sizes:

  • Big, height 25 cm and width 30 cm, permitting to insert a heavy shutter up to a clean height of 250 cm;
  • Small, height 20 cm and width 25 cm, suitable for the insertion of a shutter up to a clean height  of 250 cm.

Furthermore, the system can be directly equipped with a galvanized steel counterframe 10 cm deep,  ready to be placed on  a 16,5 cm stonework for the insertion of an insect screen